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Stair Parts Depot offers Metal Balusters in Black or Oil Rubbed Copper. MB101 – MB107 are all 1/2″ thick, being of hallow metal alloy – extremely strong and durable. Our 5/8″ thick Metal Balusters are the MB114 and MB115 – these are hammered. Our Metal Balusters are the perfect addition to your stairway’s balustrade.

Stair Parts Depot Metal Balusters complement our Box Newels and Turned Newels.

Stair Parts Depot offers Metal Balusters in various designs and shapes:

Plain Bar (MB101):


Single Knuckle (MB102):

Double Knuckle (MB103):

Single Twist (MB104):


Double Twist (MB105):

Single Basket (MB106):

Double Basket (MB107):

Double Spoon (MB114):

Quadruple Spoon (MB115):

Popular Combinations:

  • Single Basket (MB106) with Double Twist (MB105)
  • Double Basket (MB107) with¬† Single Twist (MB104)
  • Plain Bar (MB101) with Single Knuckle (MB102) and Double Knuckle (MB103)

For more assistance on visualizing how metal balusters fit into your staircase, please use the stair artist tool.