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The installation of our very first DIY rails.

This is a photo of the very first stair case installed with a prototype of our DIY Amazing rail.  It was installed about five years ago.  As you can see, we alternated the MB 106, MB107 (single basket, double basket) balusters back then.  The balusters did not connect to the hand rail and shoe rails with the current ADH connectors, but with a barrel type round tumbler that helped them adjust to different angles.  Ultimately, we disbanded this design because the current DIY ADH connectors are far easier to install.

Find our DIY Amazing Rail here.

(Stair Parts: Mb 106, MB 107 Balusters, 4045 Mushroom Top Oak Post, 6010 Oak Handrail, 7037 Oak Rosette, Discontinued Shoe Rail)