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Worn Out Staircase Renewal Tips & Tricks

Worn-out Staircase Renewal Tips & Tricks

Overtime, dust and other particles can accumulate on the stairs of your home. This article provides some tips on how to refresh a worn-out staircase.

Dusting with a feather duster or lint roller can work fairly well. However, when there is more than just dust on the surface of the wood, like dirt or grime, a feather duster might not be sufficient enough. In this case, a piece of cotton cloth dipped in mild soap and water can be used to clean the surface of the wood. Do not completely soak the wood, but rather, lightly wash the surface and then dry. Some marks and blemishes can refuse to fade away even after an excellent washing. To remove these stubborn marks/stains, try using a mixture of baking soda and water instead of soap and water. Avoid damaging or scratching the wood by scrubbing overly hard.

Applying furniture oil can protect the wood by making the surface resistant to future accumulation of dust and other particles. You can purchase furniture oil and wood polishers at your local hardware store, or you could make your own oil by mixing one cup of olive oil with a fourth cup of white vinegar. Lemon oil can also work. Apply an even coating of the oil to the surface of the wood. If your staircase generally bathes in sunlight for most of the day, it may require a substantially thick coat of oil to prevent cracks and scratches long-term. The wood will slowly soak up the oil. After about 15 minutes, use a piece of clean cloth to swab off all the excess oil, applying even pressure so that the remaining coat of oil is uniform. Let the newly oiled stairway dry for a full day before touching it.

Just like with wood, dust and other particles can accumulate on metal balusters and overtime they will require cleaning to give it a fresh look. You can use a feather duster to dust off the metal balusters. Microfiber cloths work well too, as they can get inside the twists and grooves of an iron baluster. Your metal balusters may require washing as well as dusting. Wrought Iron Balusters are rust resistant, so using water will not damage them. Mix one cup of water with a fourth cup of distilled white vinegar and use this solution to wash the metal balusters. Do not use harsh industrial chemicals because these can erode the surface of the iron balusters and cause permanent damage.
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