Choosing Between Wood and Iron Balusters for Your Staircase

Wood and Iron Balusters

Although staircase designs change frequently, choosing between wood and metal balusters for stairs will always be difficult. These choices, which go well with various home designs, are often among the hardest to make when building a classic staircase.

So how do you choose between the two lovely possibilities?
Since the staircase is frequently the first feature visitors notice when they enter a house, choosing the most fantastic design makes sense.
However, a few choices are available, like iron and wood. Let’s investigate which balusters are preferable for your staircase: wood or iron.

So Which One Is Better? Wood Balusters Or Iron?

Choosing whether to use wood or iron balusters is one of the first decisions you must make once you have started your stair restoration or project. Each design has benefits and drawbacks, all with a completely different feel. To assist you in making a better-educated choice, we will compare wood and iron spindles because choosing custom stair parts is increasingly difficult in the stair design industry.


Wood is more constrained in its ability to be shaped than iron, which can be. You can have wood balusters customized to your specifications, but a considerably more comprehensive selection of iron balusters is available. Iron can also be molded into narrower shapes than wood since it is significantly stronger than wood.


Iron balusters work considerably better outside than wood because they can better survive the environment. Wood balusters can be used indoors, although iron can withstand heavier use than wood. Wood tends to deteriorate quickly and lose its luster in six months.


Iron is more durable than wood balusters because it is more substantial. They will require replacement more regularly because wood is prone to termites, cracking, warping, and other problems.

Wood Balusters

For as long as we can remember, wooden balusters have been the design of choice for traditional balusters stairs. They come in various designs and can be very attractive while still having a modest footprint.

Thanks to the vast range of stain possibilities, you may create any color to complement your home while preserving the traditional hardwood grain. The most popular option in recent stairway trends is to paint wooden balusters to complement your environment.

Even though wooden staircases are frequently found in opulent settings and have numerous benefits, there are a few drawbacks to consider. Typically, wooden balusters cost more than the usual iron baluster. Furthermore, they could need more maintenance and are more prone to damage over time. However, they are not lacking in elegance or style.

We include simple, fluted, beaded, twisted, and octagonal designs in square sizes ranging from 1-1/8-in to 1-3/4-in among our 48 wood baluster varieties. 14 standard and unique wood species are used to create wood staircases.

Iron Balusters

Iron balusters have been employed in various residences that wished for a more contemporary and clean look. They are renowned for their more modern and distinctive designs.

Because they are recognized to be more streamlined than Wood Balusters, Iron Balusters are constructed with a modern aesthetic in mind. Iron balusters are the way to go if you want a clean appearance with little upkeep.

Metal stair spindles excel in contemporary style, although there aren’t many color options. Iron balusters are available in various powder-coated finishes, but unlike hardwood balusters, they cannot be painted or stained. Balusters made of wood are more straightforward to match a particular color scheme.
Our decorative railing spindles come in a wide range of standard designs and sizes, from 1/2″ to 3/4″, both square and round.

Since they are made of mild steel and far more robust and long-lasting than iron equivalents. Because each baluster is individually made, no two are precisely alike. These slight variances in the finer features give any staircase extraordinary individuality. We offer numerous different powder-coated finishes for our iron balusters.


With so many distinct types to pick from, wood stair balusters add a warm and traditional aesthetic to any room. There are also a variety of paint and stain possibilities. In contrast, Iron Balusters feature a sleek, contemporary appearance built to last a lifetime. Additionally, available in various styles, choosing the perfect baluster to complement the look you are striving for is simple.

It finally depends on your particular taste which balusters would look best in your room. Every home design can be complemented by either choice’s lovely and sophisticated styles. Today, look into all of our wooden baluster and iron baluster selections.

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