How to Update Stairs on a Budget

How to Update Stairs on a Budget

The appearance of the stairs is crucial since they serve as the home’s primary structural focal point. Visitors will have a negative first impression of a dirty or outdated staircase, which could potentially reduce the property’s worth. Despite their appearance, many older stairs are quite dangerous since they were built under less stringent building codes than today. This blog will look at cost-effective spiral staircase designs to update your staircase.

Your staircase serves two purposes in your house: as a statement piece and as a means of transportation between floors. An old or unappealing staircase can give off a bad first impression, especially if you have guests in the house. Typically, there is very little (or nothing) wrong with your staircase’s operation. Given this information, it is safe to infer that you are considering a stairway makeover in order to enhance the appearance of your house.

Replace The Banisters

Without the inconvenience of building a full staircase, you may drastically transform the appearance of your stairs by swapping out outdated balusters for more contemporary alternatives. At a fraction of the expense of new steps, the change will be complete by replacing the newel caps, handrail, and base rail. If you want something modern, replacing wooden balusters with glass panels will give your home a sleek, minimalist design and let more light into the room.

Pine or hemlock spindles, which work well with most design styles, offer a more traditional effect that won’t quickly go out of style. Consider Idigbo, a lesser-known African hardwood, a more affordable oak substitute for your stairs renovation.

Go Open Plan and Let Your Stairs Be the Star!

To create a more contemporary open-plan vibe, consider stairs renovation like removing the under-stairs cabinet. You can use the area as a comfortable study room, seating area, little library, or shelving unit with a little imagination. Of course, you will have more options if the staircase is in the living or dining room rather than the hallway.

Installing a chest of drawers, cabinets, or a small sideboard can be a sensible approach to minimize clutter while maintaining a modern open-plan layout if storage is a problem. Depending on how your possession is laid out, you might be able to knock through a wall where steps meet an exterior wall to create an additional window that would let in more natural light.

None Of The Other: The Ol’ Unswerving Paint

Does your newly renovated home’s honey wood staircase stick out like a sore thumb? If so, you can paint your banister to match the rest of the house’s style as part of the stair renovation. Use your imagination when choosing paint colors or keep it simple (farmhouse white is a popular option right now, though some may disagree).

DIY Or Use an Experienced Tradesman

A tradesperson typically installs an average staircase in a few days, so budget £200 to £400 or more for the installation process. If you’re comfortable working with wood, you can renovate a balustrade by replacing the handrails, base rails, spindles, and newel posts as a DIY project, saving you the installation fees.

Depending on how the elements are attached, some stair remodeling kits are simpler to install than others. We propose our Fusion products (simple-to-fit connectors) or Elements (with its straightforward twist bracket system) for the least complicated staircase renovation ideas DIY style.

Let the Timber Shine and Your Stairs Will Follow

Numerous homeowners have removed the carpet from their stairs to better utilize the hardwood steps underneath due to the current trend of utilizing natural timber in interior design. Wood is a gorgeously warm material that looks wonderful in traditional and modern homes and won’t quickly go out of style.

You must treat the wood to prevent deterioration unless you install prefinished stair parts, like those from the Fusion or Immix ranges. Except for wood stain, which requires an additional coat of varnish or wax on top, hard wax oil, Danish oil, and wood stain.

Cover With Carpet

For homes whose steps are made of plywood, MDF, or concrete, new carpet may do wonders if you want to go for a staircase renovation, and it is typically the only practical alternative. You may use carpet to make a statement because there is a huge variety of colors and patterns. If your steps are in good shape, place a rug along the middle and paint or varnish the visible tread on either side.

In areas of the house with significant traffic, a cheap floor covering will always show to be a false economy. Invest in a tough carpet that is ideally 80% wool and 20% nylon, and make sure it is made to be used on stairs. Select a sturdy underlay, then install the carpet.

Replace Your Handrail

A cost- and time-effective option to remodel your home is replacing the stairs’ components. Depending on the staircase style you intend to renovate, all it could take to give it a new lease on life is replacing the railing. The handrails that Stair Parts stocks can be personalized with wall brackets, end caps, and rail connectors in either chrome or brushed nickel, starting at just £11.00 each. Find our selection of wall-mounted handrails here for your stair renovation.

Add Depth and Luxury with Two Tones

A staircase with two colors pops. The handrail, floors, and honey oak throughout were all refurbished by the homeowners, who also painted the spindles and risers a bright white. This style will likely continue to be popular for a while. With these low-cost staircase renovation suggestions, your home will appear more opulent.

Replace Worn Treads and Risers with Oak Stair Clad

Do your treads and risers appear more worn out? Your best option might be Stair clad. Stair cladding is the newest cutting-edge option for homeowners wishing to remodel their staircase without incurring the cost of purchasing and constructing an altogether new staircase.

You may get the oak staircase effect by utilizing premium stair-clad goods, and some fundamental DIY staircase remodel skills. We carry a variety of stair cladding solutions, such as Oak Stair Klad and Solid Oak Cladding, to achieve that chic, contemporary oak staircase impression at a reasonable price.

Our whole line of stair cladding is prepared to merge smoothly with current flooring and is designed to accommodate a variety of staircases, including straight flight, wider flight, mid-landing, and kite winder steps.


Updating stairs on a budget is possible with a little creativity and effort. Following the tips in this blog, you can transform your old and outdated stairs into a beautiful and modern focal point of your home. Whether you paint, stain, add a baluster connector kit, or give it a creative touch, there are many ways to update your stairs without breaking the bank. So, go ahead and give your stairs a much-needed makeover and enjoy the new look and feel of your home.

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