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How to Space Your Metal Balusters – Choosing & Installing the Right


Elevate the look of your ordinary staircase with the right stair parts!

Upgrading your balusters can be less costly yet elegant to enhance the look of your stairway. One can give their railing for the staircase a facelift by including balusters made of stone, wood, metal, and even plastic. You can easily choose the material according to your preferences and make the staircase an aesthetic statement. Choosing and installing the right stair parts must be visually beautiful and serve as a double protective guard by closing the gap between the stair treads and handrail.


Stair parts depot warehouse complementing your modern staircase with iron balusters!

The balusters ensure the safety of your staircase. You can go through the following pointers to find the perfect fit for your home.

  • Calculating balusters  for the terrace:

Measuring the length of your balcony by placing your tape and measuring it by the wall can be helpful. You can also measure it by the newel on one side of the terrace. This way, the wall or the newel will be measured, and you can get your total distance calculated.

To calculate how many balusters you need, you can multiply the total distance by 3. This will tell you how many balusters of the stair parts depot you need. If your total distance is not a whole number, you can always round it up for your convenience and get accurate results. Be sure about the values since minor ignorance or inaccuracy while calculating can lead to inconvenience.

  • The calculation for balusters for a staircase:

Measure the depth carefully from the back to the front of a single tread. If you are out of ideas about spacing your balusters, then you can try the four-sphere rule. You must keep your staircase within code and use as many balusters on each tread as necessary.

The next step is to count the total number of treads. Note this number and multiply it by the number of balusters you need per tread. Through this, you will know how many balusters you need in total. Suppose you have 20 steps, and if you are required with two balusters per tread, you will end up with 40 total. Then, multiply this number by two or double if you need balusters for both sides of your stairs. 

  • For a 15/8’’ spindle or baluster:

Use the 4” ball rule by spacing these spindles every four ¾” on the center. With this spacing, you will have a 3 7/8” gap between them at the narrowest portion.

  • For a 31/2’’ spindle or baluster:

The 4” ball rule on center spacing for a revival will be 5 ½”, five ¾” for a Victorian. 

  • For a 51/4’’ spindle or baluster:

Space these spindles every 6 7/8’’ on center. To find the quantity required, take your rail length in inches and divide it by 6.87.


  • Design and style making a difference:

Go through the designs and draw inspirations from the stair parts depot warehouse. If you want to match your staircase, give the existing style details to the manufacturer of your new staircase.

  • Choose the suitable material:

All traditional to modern glass panels and sleek metal accessories are available at the stair parts depot. You can opt for hardwood for its durability or softwood for its affordability.

  • Measure your staircase:

Selecting the correct quantity and size matters!

The staircase comprises the steps and the balustrades. So, measure them correctly since they complement the design of the outer look of the stairs as a whole.

  • Be within your budget:

Stair parts depot can renovate your existing staircase or replace it with an entirely new one through your budget. We believe one can revamp their staircase with attractive metal spirals or incorporate beautiful and elegant oak handrails. Such cost-effective spindles will give an innovative and contemporary look and lessen your budget.   Show your builder the style and the design you want to achieve so they can cost accordingly and make material preferences easier for you.

  • Safety requirements:

Specific regulations for your staircase!

To keep your staircase safe, it must meet specific safety measures. The height of the stair riser can be around 150mm to 230mm. Also, keep this in mind: if you have older adults in your home or they visit your clinic, you must choose the staircase style accordingly. Whether you have to keep it age-appropriate, you can always select a stair parts depot warehouse to upgrade your balustrade and make your stair parts shopping easy.

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