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parts of a staircase and their details

Parts Of A Staircase Creating Innovative Stair Designs:

Get the old honey oak treads and the floor refinished, accentuating the whole room’s space!

If you are looking for a timeless staircase remodel or visualizing the idea of beauty in an artistic expression, it’s time to get a transitional staircase with painted risers.

Staircases come in various shapes and styles, but how do installing the ones with elegant features elevate the look of your stairs? A high-quality stair must comprise hardwood from maple, walnut, and oak, crafting custom stairs with the realities of your home. Our team considers your vision and works on it to enhance those ideas with the latest products and design options in the industry with an aesthetic appeal you do not see with most suppliers.

Following are the parts of stairs implementing elements and beautifying your space.

  • Thread:

The horizontal part extends from the front edge of the staircase, nosing to the riser. The tread acts as a walking surface of the stair used for prefabricated industrial and bolted access stairs.

  • Stringer:

They support the staircase with a stringer, capping and running each side of the stairs. You will find two stringers, an inner one located against the wall and the outer stringer on the side of the stairs.

  • Handrail:

People hold onto it for support since it is fixed to vertical posts or both sides of the staircase.

  • Newel post:

It is a heavy, vertical post serving as a structural component for handrails. The newel is a central stairway post that can set the tone for the entire room.

  • Guardrail:

It is a barrier system protecting people from falling. The guardrail can be easily attached directly to the stringer or the treads.

  • Balustrade:

It is formed by balusters connected to form a decorative guard. It is designed through a newel post and a base rail. The newel is a vertical post attached directly to the floor, whereas the base rail runs upwards to the staircase and is located beneath the balusters or on top of the stringer.

  • Landing:

A flat flooring at the top and bottom of a staircase acts as a resting place providing access to rooms.

  • Curtail:

The curtail steps curve on the side of the staircase and house the post. It is the fanciest start to a stair, having a wreathing turn leading to the central part of the stairs.

  • Volute and finial:

The stair parts’ names also include a volute and finial, creating a unique piece tailored to your requirements. The volute resembles a scroll at the end of the handrail, also called a monkey’s tail, and the finial is an attractive-looking piece installed at the top of the newel.

Add Elements Of  Luxury To Your Home

Whether you are a homeowner or an interior designer, we combine new technology with our top-notch craftsmanship to create masterpieces. Customers can choose from U-shaped, spiral, circular, or floating stairs to create an open and spacious look. The molding on the side of stairs is also an aesthetic to any staircase, inspiring your next home improvement project.

  • Parallel dimensions through vertical molding:

The use of colors will help to highlight the trim molding effortlessly!

The vertical lines create an ideal parallel dimension complementing the handrail and creating geometric patterns to catch your attention.

  • Custom molding design:

There is no limitation when it comes to designing your space!

You need to hire a recognized team and let them begin with the design phase that suits your style and costs reasonably.

  • Natural wood accents:

Through imagination and calculation, we can manifest something attractive!

The stair parts get paired up with steps, newel posts, and railing with white walls. It is beautiful. One can create a fresh and warm atmosphere through it.

  • Placing skirt boards:

Let’s add drama to your staircase designs by placing skirt boards along your steps, creating stunning dimensions to complement the sharp-edged angles.

  • Add wainscotting:

How about creating dimension without taking up space?

We can make your staircase by making it look sophisticated, keeping the walls and trim the same color with a bit of flair and leaving an impact on the visitors.

  • Coffered crown molding:

The coffered crown molding ceilings are perfect for adding drama and charm, elevating the design aesthetic.

  • Shiplap designs:

The parallel lines of the shiplap get along ideally with the sharp-angled staircase. It makes your home feel lighter and more aligned and adds a definite structure and sophistication.

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