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Don’t overlook the chance of making your cable railing system aesthetic!

A cable rail system guarantees safety as you walk up and down your staircase. It not only serves security and safety purposes but also ensures to add an aesthetic and appealing value through its handrail. It makes a statement by adding architectural lines and visual interest. They are low maintenance, safe for decks, easy to install, and much more affordable. If you invest in the rail systems, you will see how much it lasts in the long run than the other railing options.


  • Incorporate an elegant floating staircase with brick walls to elevate its look.
  • Try a round stainless steel handrail for your latest contemporary house. The rounded railing would give a welcoming feeling to your guests.
  • One can opt for the smooth curves of the cable rail system or get it custom-made to create a cohesive, striking design looking like an excellent fit for the guard rails.


Upgrade your deck and balcony with one of a kind railing system!

  • Flexibility in the designs:

It can complement different styled homes, locations, and interiors. The cable railing can easily blend in with modern or traditional house designs. You can set your home apart from the others by going through all the latest designs that fit perfectly to the style of your home and your personal preferences. It offers unparalleled views as the lines become virtually invisible and blend into the deck’s view. 

  • Low-maintenance materials:

Feeney Cable Rail Systems is easy to maintain!

It is undoubtedly a wise investment since it keeps the costs down and does not demand much investment. It keeps the cables tight through its tensioning devices. It requires an easy-to-clean solution along with a clean cloth and thus keeps the surface good, leading to an enhanced lifespan. It is designed with high-strength stainless steel making it virtually indestructible and resistant to corrosion. 

  • Versatility and durability:

The stair parts depot provides the cable rail system with versatility, durability, and ease of maintenance. It comes in minimalistic designs, adding more value to your home. The cable railing system proves the excellent integrity of the wood and composite railings. 

  • Ideal for commercial and residential applications:

The Feeney Cable Rail Systems creates a style that impresses your guests and other visitors. You just need to ensure while purchasing the cable railings from a well-reputed manufacturer and a hardware store.


  • What is cable railing?

It is an alternative to traditional; metal or wood railing which uses wires for protection and safety. They are guard rails in the form of horizontal cables.

  • Why should we choose cable railing?

It minimizes obstruction while beautifying your home. It blocks the view and glass, which gets dirty.

  • Is stainless steel cable strong?

Yes, it sustains the damage long before a cable will ever break.

  • Does stainless steel cable rust?

High-quality steel does not rust. Stainless steel is less likely to corrode unless very high salt levels are present. If the stainless steel is cleaned and oiled often, it will not rust.

  • What to choose, wood or metal cable railing subsystem?

Both are good for the rail posts, but metal is stronger than wood. You can achieve an ideal thickness and shape with metal and its strength.

  • How much does a cable rail system cost?

It could cost around $60 to $250 per linear foot, but it also depends on customer requirements.

  • What distance should posts be placed apart to meet the code?

The distance between the two cables must be reduced to maintain proper deflection. Do not set the posts more than 4ft in the center.

  • How to maintain the Feeney Cable Rail Systems?

Keep it out of environmental exposure, such as salty water. Clean it before installing and after its installing immediately. One can use a car wash soap to improve its lifespan. Its maintenance will hold it up in a harsh environment

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