The saddle support beams are mounted obliquely, and the wooden steps are fastened. The stair saddle is made of wooden or metal beams and has an easier installation. The saddle post bracket can get installed quickly. If the width of the steps is more than standard, it serves as an additional base. Finding the beams from a single mass with such parameters without knots and cracks is difficult. Manufacturers use glued boards as profile beams and then build and install the stairs from bonded material. You can opt for saddles for sale in two types. One is the closed type, and the other is the closed type. The closed type is often equipped with an additional central stringer making it reliable, whereas the open type has a stringer with increased strength and resistance.

  • The post bracket gets installed while the concrete is still wet. 
  • It uses HDG coating for higher corrosion resistance.
  • It is available in various sizes for both nominal and rough common posts.
  • The saddles for sale install up to the bottom to avoid contact with potential water.
  • The bottom of the stair saddle base is designed to be flush with the concrete. 
  • The iron saddles get fixed only on one central base and look aesthetically pleasing. 
  • The iron saddles securely hold the wood and metal handrail without missing out on style. 
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