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Stair Parts Depot Manufacturer

Stair Parts Depot Manufacturer

Stair Parts Supply Linking Spaces Together

Let’s create a look for the staircase but this time by using natural light at the stairwell with a view!

Our team is efficient enough to develop the latest and appealing looking staircase lighting ideas. Lighting on the staircase is not a decorative idea, but when one wants to enhance the beauty of their house and add softness to it, it serves a real function.

  • According to the customer’s likeness, we can add lighting to a staircase through recessed wall stair lights creating an attractive look and making the stairs look classic.
  • A great effect with an impact creates a series of niches perfect for a layered scheme for your staircase lighting. Or, for fun, you can always add a color-changing option. This will select a multitude of colors to fill the space.
  • You can achieve a beautifully soft floating effect and cast shadows through a warm white LED on either side. It undoubtedly maximizes its impact and makes a natural feature of the texture.

Stair Supplies For Residential And Commercial Selection

We offer a diverse selection of residential and commercial products for your wood spindles, wood rail fittings, and stair treads. According to our experience incorporating top-quality wood species such as African Mahogany, American Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, and Red Oak all give a fantastic finish. We offer the lowest tooling costs for custom orders and long-lasting hardwood turnings in the tar industry. Stairs Parts Depot will help you select many different products in unique patterns being the go-to for home remodeling supplies. The innovative design solutions look attractive and are easier to install. All it needs is attached brackets to the handrail with screws ensuring that they line perfectly with the studs to the railing.

How To Update Your Staircase On A Budget?

Create warmth in your room:

A cozy atmosphere always becomes a popular choice. The carpet can dull any noise from your staircase and is a practical style choice.

Paint your staircase:

Painting the elements of your staircase will make it look brand new. You can freshen it up with a coat of paint, which will elevate the design in no time.

Elevate the spindles:

We have an endless number of options!

How about modernizing any staircase with spindles?

If you want contemporary styles, swap your traditional spindles for metal ones and give off an industrial yet minimalistic vibe.

Tile the risers for a glossy look:

Add a bold pattern and achieve a glossy look!

This will surely become a chic element and make your staircase a focal point by tiling your risers.

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Following are the questions customers usually ask us related to our products.

  • Are the wood products finished or unfinished?

All the wood products are ready for finishing but unfinished. They are offered primed white, and the last coat is applied to give it a finishing look.

  • People know about wood going along with the staircases home depot, but is there any alternative to home depot handrails?

The promenade is easy to install and a great addition to residential or commercial space. It complements modern architecture for an eye-catching contrast to traditional designs. The promenade balances smart sophistication without compromising on safety and durability.

  • Do you offer exterior stair parts?

Yes, we offer two standard wood species that hold up well outside. They are manufactured with exterior-grade glue, costing you around 20%.

  • Can I pick parts of the staircase that I have ordered?

We prefer shipping stair parts to your doorstep. Our warehouse is not for showcasing our products; instead, it is meant for distribution, so our team provides personal service on your order.

  • Do you guys have some special bulk pricing?

Bulk orders depend on the availability of the products.

Bulk pricing is not guaranteed. But we always offer the products at the lowest possible price.

  • What do you think is the best material?

Red Oak and Poplar are the most used materials with interior wood products. The higher the availability of material, the cost will be lower.

  • Do you build stairs by taking dimensions?

We designed and built the stairs with dimensions. We provide a framing form to the client, they have to fill it out, and then the pricing gets decided.

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