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What is a baluster?

Are you planning to revamp the staircase and go through all the information available on the internet to fix them according to your needs? Then you must be coming across the word ‘’ baluster’’. Balusters are vertical, vase-like posts or legs on the railing. They get placed on terraces or balconies supported by baluster posts. You can refer to balusters and spindles since both are the same thing. Balusters have served with their functionality during China’s early and dynastic periods supporting buildings and terraces featuring designs of flowers and pomegranates.  

It is a molded shaft, and upright support turned form of an architectural feature. Common materials used in its construction include wood, stone, and sometimes metal or ceramic. 


Finally, the day has come to jazz up your staircase with modern-looking and efficiently functioning balusters.

Once you have a clear idea about what is a baluster, you should maintain the condition of these aesthetic-looking components. It supports the handrail and closes the gap between posts as a safety measure to avoid excess space. You can add style to your railings by elevating the look of your home’s exterior. 

You will need the following tools to install balusters.

  • Deck baluster
  • Balusters connector
  • Drilling machine
  • Pencil and a tape measure
  • Speed square
  • Safety glasses

Step 1:

Measure the distance between handrail posts and cut two equal-length rails creating the top and bottom railings. Place each side’s top and bottom rails in their respective installation positions. 

Step 2:

Another step in explaining how to install a baluster comprises using a tape measure and pencil to locate the mark of the rail. The professionals begin to work outward from the center, measuring and marking the line every 3-3/4 to 4-1/2 inches according to the spacing of the rails. 

Step 3:

Attach the baluster connectors on each mark and place the installation screws into each connector. Now, proceed to hold the screw and baluster connector firmly, positioning the point of the screw to the center of the marked location. Use a drill, and put the screw into the railing until the connector pulls firmly. Avoid over-tighten the connectors. 

Step 4:

Fix the level bottom rail between the posts and give your railing extra strength and security using standard deck screws. When it gets installed, slide the baluster over each connector, ensuring the baluster gets firmly pushed to the bottom of the connector.  


Position and fix the top rail over the balusters. Start aligning the balusters through one end of the rail, and once the baluster gets linked to the connector, press it down firmly. 

Step 6:

Place the top rail between the posts using rail connecting brackets or hardware. 


Glamorous iron balusters are shaped into different designs making the furniture look simple yet appealing. 


  • Iron balusters
  • Epoxy glue or hot glue
  • Power tools such as jig saw or a metal cutting blade
  • A drill 


Step 1: 

Let’s go with a combo of swirly bars and single knuckles. 

Design your balusters, play with different designs and decide what appeals to the décor of your house. 

Step 2:

Remove the old balusters and ensure no nails are left in the railing. Now, drill the holes a little deeper, with approximately two man-finger knuckles on the bottom. Set the baluster in the lower railing hole and mark a good length to cut it. 

Step 3:

Stick the baluster into the railing holes and set it down. Slide your balusters into place and ensure the pattern gets correctly lined up. 


Get the minimal tools and replace balusters in the same locations!

You might need to replace the old balusters in countless styles and shapes, from stone, concrete, plaster, and iron to popular materials like aluminum and vinyl. Mix metals and woods blended with metal door hardware and lighting accents. 

Step 1:

Remove the remaining nails using pliers and check the undersides of the handrail. 

Step 2:

Drill holes on the base rails, after drilling place one of the new balusters into the hole and let the metal shoes cover it up. 

Step 3:

Sand where the existing balusters meet the base rail and wipe the surface or vacuum it to ensure no dust.  

Step 4:

Measure the height for new balusters from the top of the base rail to the bottom. Paint the base rail to achieve a neat finish using high-gloss paint. 

Step 5:

Cut the new balusters to the correct size with the help of a blade, and use blue tape to mark where the balusters must be cut to prevent accidental scratches. 

Step 6:

The last step explaining how to replace a baluster includes the insertion of the new baluster into holes. Put the decorative half of the bottom part of the kit onto each baluster and push it enough to screw it in. 


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