Complement the interior theme of your house with wood balusters!
Balusters provide support to the handrails. People use it for interior and exterior décor to make it appealing. Our company, Stair Parts, ensures that the edges of balusters are safe.

Staircases create a significant impression on the visitors once they enter. They should get cleaned, and one must find them visually appealing. When it comes to balusters, wood is a suitable option. Stair baluster wood offers style, design, and versatility. It gives a traditional and modern, elegant look at the same time. Wood balusters bring out the creation of the handrail.

Top Wooden Balusters

Design the curved staircases with the tapered top wooden balusters. This gives a contemporary look. You can also design the straight stairs with a central landing incorporating the classic wood taper top baluster. They are the easiest to go down and work well with minimalist-designed homes. They get fitted in commercial and residential properties.
You can design the modern L-shaped staircase with a colonial block top baluster. This way, they will become visually exciting and offers an architectural element.

You can fit these wooden balusters into your staircase, or you can paint them. This means you can bring it down to your style. You can match your space with these colored wooden balusters. Clean your deck and incorporate wood deck balusters into it!

Wood Deck Balusters

Stair Parts also provides polished and well-crafted wood deck balusters. You can incorporate balusters wood in your balconies or terrace. In this way, you can also maintain the exterior part of the house. You can also arrange a small party on your patio and flaunt these sophisticated deck balusters. Just lit some candles, prepare delicious food, and you are all set to accommodate a small group of people. You can also build a bar area on wood deck balusters. Connect with us to get started on the new journey of amplification and renovation!

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